"Five years ago I walked into Nancy’s studio. I was 56 years of age, stiff, weak and feeling old.   Nancy greeted me with open arms, directed me to the correct beginner class, and I was on my way.   Her positive encouragement, personal guidance and experience helped transform me from a slumping figure into the strong woman I am today. With weekly Pilates, I remain strong, bendy, steady, physically confident and so grateful everyday to have found a friendly, positive person and community to help me with strength, fitness and my aging body.  Her instruction is age appropriate, and the community includes all shapes, sizes and ambitions.  While aging is not a choice, how we age is a choice.  Today at age 61, the strength and stamina I now have, gives me confidence and courage to enjoy my active and healthy lifestyle."

- Penny Van Kampen| Director of Client Services and Borene Law Firm | U.S. and Global Immigration


"I work with Nancy because she helps me feel strong, lively and energetic.  She knows, on any given day, exactly what I need to make the most out of the time I have to invest.  Some days it's a gentle movement and some days we kick ass.  Usually a little of both.  Occasionally we do the impossible.  It's so much more than "personal training", it's a partnership focused on your personal development.  The deeper you're willing to think about how you want your life to unfold, the deeper her help and guidance will be."

- Anthony Basca | Optician & Owner of InVision Eyewear



"Hello there Coach!! I just wanted to say thank you for the BEST thing you said to me when we talked last. I was all proud telling you how I am going to reduce my expenses and blah blah blah…and you said "Why are you doing that?"  I was again all proud telling you that I am trying to be smart…to plan on paying less monthly on my new lower income. AND YOU SAID…"Why don't you just plan on making more money?"  HAHAHA…SO I am going to laugh all the way to the freaking bank with my money honey! I just wanted to thank you…keep up the good work! xoxoxo"

- Karen McFarland | Wilderness and Wine by Design | Napa Valley, California


"Low back surgery left me with constant back/foot pain every minute of every day since 2008.  The outside of my low leg and foot was completely numb.  I was unable to play with my two young children because any physical movement, like getting up and down off the floor, was impossible without pain.  Since I started Pilates with Nancy two years ago the pain is gone and I am regaining the feeling in my foot.  I clearly should have started Pilates sooner but I was afraid it would make my problem worse.  Quite the opposite!  For the first time in years I am able to keep up with a five and seven year old and it keeps getting better and better!!!  Thank you Nancy!"

- Mark van Osnabrugge | Fortune 500 Healthcare Executive