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My motto is: If we don’t move a little, breathe big and laugh a lot I haven’t done my job.

I love an audience!

Design the agenda that addresses the specific needs of your group or choose from one of my favorite topics.
Let’s create an experience that will inspire, engage and empower your tribe, your book club or workplace.


“Use it or lose it” – The Story of The Female Pelvic Floor
The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO

What women are saying:

“Informational and funny!”
“I learned so much.”
“Presented with knowledge and humor.  Great presentation! ”


“Lose 10Lbs in 10 Seconds” – The Power of Posture
Centerspace Pilates, Minneapolis, MN

What people are saying:

“I feel so much better!”
“I had no idea it was so easy!”
“Great information and highly usable.”
“Nancy has an entertaining and very approachable style.”

I’d love to speak at your gathering!

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