Hell Yes!


Contract to Expand

I contracted.

After a successful twelve year run, my business Centerspace Pilates (located in Minneapolis, Minnesota) took on a new life when I moved it to my home studio.
Kinda scary. I felt insecure like Sally Fields at the Oscars, “Will they like me?” Will I be able to maintain a viable income? Sure, I have long-standing, loyal clients who will “like me” no matter where I train them. And yes, my home studio space is beautiful, spacious, warm and inviting but there are all sorts of distractions…like laundry, dirty dishes, Netflix, and dogs.  Shiny objects everywhere! 

Can I stay on track? Can I create and sustain a new path for my business and myself?
Contract to expand…Contract to expand…Contract to expand. Take a deep breath. Steady. Keep going. Trust. It’s a process.

My mantra connected me to my goal and my vision. 

It took longer than I thought to settle into a new routine. I learned that discipline is a necessary component of freedom. Routine + schedule + discipline = freedom.

It happened over time. I softened. Finally, I took a big breath in, and there it was…Expansion. 

Creative freedom! It’s exhilarating. Time to research and read and space for curiosity and exploration. Time to simply be.

One of my teachers said,  “If it isn’t a hell yes, it’s a hell no!”  

I’ve learned to say yes to the things that are right for me, and no to the things that don’t feed my soul and support my expansion. It’s my new way of being.

I call it leaning back!

Nancy Anderson